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Who are we?


The Playmakers, that’s us: An energetic, passionate growing team. We believe that people cannot make full use of their potential when work is only about reaching profit. Their talents will only be able to truly blossom when employees are fully connected to their daily work and the goal they are contributing to. 

What are we?


Trainers? Coaches? Consultants? We’re not any of these, but a little bit of all of them. Our motivation and integral approach helps us to make the difference to connect the goal, the people and the environment they are working in.

Who are we for?


You experience tension in maintaining a workplace environment where people are intrinsically driven and deliver exceptional performance. You are looking for tools to create a healthy balance here so that the performance is high and employees, customers and consumers keep believing what you stand for.

Our clients and business cases:

B Corp Summit
ACE Venture
Female Ventures


Social Impact

We believe that every person matters. Which is why we’re big advocates of Play It Forward.. We contribute to a world that allows employees to feel valued and appreciated. We pass on our knowledge, experience and insights to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to reach their full potential.