We believe that every human being feel meaningful when they can fulfil their full potential and make positive impact

Our Purpose:

More than 88% of people goes to work every day feeling less than fully energized. The way talent and performance are pushed leads to growing discontentment, stress and absence from work. As a result, millions are wasted and both people and businesses underperform. We show you how to change this.

We are an agency that helps people and businesses to be the best they can be.

In the past 75 years, much has changed in the business world. Rapid technological changes, cutting-edge new business models and changing needs and ideas with regard to the position and function of work. As a consequence, businesses are having trouble to adapt adequately, which leads to discontent, stress and absences. Education, too, is falling behind and as a result, newcomers’ talents often need too long to fully develop and shine.

The Playmakers are here to put an end to all that. Our passion to make a positive impact and to be meaningful facilitates the creation of a renewed, improved connection between employer and employee. We develop mindset and skills so that entrepreneurial dreams may be realised and people can use the full potential of their talent.

The breakthrough to Play for Purpose

A world in which work is both pleasant and meaningful

B Corp status

As of 2016, the Playmakers has been officially certified as a B Corporation. This means we belong to an international movement of entrepreneurs who do not only want to be the best in the world, but also what’s best for the world.
We promote purpose-driven rather than simply profit-driven entrepreneurship, allowing everyone to make the most of themselves and be the best they can and want to be. This way, we contribute to a world in which work is something that is pleasant and meaningful. We are proud to be in the excellent company of the likes of Patagonia, Alfa, Paper On The Rocks, Dopper, Tony Chocolonely and Ben & Jerry’s. Every decision we make has been carefully considered so that we limit the negative impact to our society and the world as much as possible. Please refer to our impact manifest for details.
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The Playmakers actively contributes to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals that were initiated by world leaders in 2015. While all 17 Goals are closely linked, there are a few that particularly stand out for the Playmakers.
#8 – Decent work and economic growth: we promote the potential for every individual to make a productive contribution in their work, allowing them to generate a fair income, in a safe working environment with room for social protection by family, personal development and social integration. Indirectly, The Playmakers also promote Goals #4: Quality Education, #5: Gender Equality, and #17: Partnership to achieve the Goal.
Make People Matter as a driving force to make business thrive
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Doing business for good

Creating a positive impact in the world is our first priority and is embedded in our DNA.

In addition to building meaningful businesses, we also share our knowledge and experience with people who cannot use their full potential. At least 10% of our profit is put toward this Play It Forward-program.