We want for every employee to feel meaningful within the organisation, so that they can fulfill their full potential.

Why us?

It may be something you encounter in business: a team that’s not working well, employees who don’t take their responsibilities or are unmotivated.
We’re convinced that not a single employee deliberately chooses to function badly – it’s the working environment that prevents people from being the best they can be. You can follow hundreds of vitality programs and take yoga classes together until the whole company is in the side crane pose, but if the context remains unchanged, so will the employees’ attitude.

Making the dream work

If employees do not understand the goal they are contributing to, they will feel less responsibility. Through our integral approach to find every company’s dream and to create a working environment that everybody can contribute to based on their qualities, employees can make far better use of their talents.
Because in the end, everyone wants to be meaningful – but structures have to be in place to facilitate that. This way, work stress, KPIs and established patterns give way to a working culture in which people are motived to contribute to something they believe in, day after day.

Free of expectations

We believe the existing rat race for status and money does not allow employees to live up to their full potential. If we continue to drive each other over the edge with set targets, employees will never look beyond the boundaries set by their own tasks. As a result, a lot of talent goes unused.
We believe that people will not be able to show their full potential until they are free of expectations, are able to do what they believe in, and are motivated to grow.

The breakthrough to Play for Purpose

A world where work is fun and meaningful.

The Playmakers is officially certified as a B Corporation. That means we are part of an international movement of companies what do not only wish to be the best of the world, but also want the best for the world. By making companies mission-driven instead of capital-driven, we help employees to feel meaningful, allowing them to want and be able to be the best they can be.
This is our way of contributing to a world in which work can be pleasant and meaningful. For each and every one of our decisions, we first consider the consequences for other people and the environment. We kindly refer you to our impact manifest

Doing business for good

Creating positive impact in the world is the main thing and is rooted deeply within our DNA.

Next to building meaningful companies, we pass on our knowledge and experience to youngsters and individuals who aren’t able to use their full potential yet. At least 10% of our profit is reserved for our Play it forward program.