“It’s good to take a look inside now and then and wonder if you’re still making yourself happy and doing what’s right for you. The Playmakers make this possible with their workshop and value dialogue. It’s nice to realize that I’m still on the right track and to have clear what I can do to keep this up. Thank you Maaike and Jos!!”

Meike Korpershoek – Directeur de Taalprof

“Recently, I participated in the “Increase Your Impact and Business Potential” session of The Playmakers. That was definitely an eye opener. Through interaction with other participants, I was driven tothe ability to formulate the deeper drivers of my entrepreneurship. That really helps me now, because I’m better able to convince clients of my vision in my profession (lawyer / dispute resolution). I feel the main focus for me is on attracting assignments that fit with who I am. As a result of the session, I also consider attending a training to mediator. In short, through this invading session gets you in motion and that is something I would recommend every entrepreneur.”

Rik Balk – Directeur Balk Legal