“We shape the right conditions so you can play your business to the max!

Our Story

Rewriting the way companies connect to people and develop performance and talent. That’s what we are sold on and what we put into practice every day.

Together with co-founder Maaike Huisman, The Playmakers was founded in 2016. We are an agency in the world of business consultancy, training, and coaching. However, we have a mission:

Building PlayZones; meaningful businesses that make a positive impact on the world, and where every employee can make the most of their talent.

Come with us on this mission and make an impact!

From our Founder

Hi, I’m Jos, founder and Head Playmaker at The Playmakers.

You’re visiting our website because you are curious to find out how you can create a meaningful business that makes an incredible impact. You want to be able to make a difference by allowing the talent that is part of your business to be the best they can be. So you’re probably not waiting for every little detail of my personal life, which I why I won’t bother you with that – I’ll just give you the short version.

I grew up near the heath and woodlands of the Veluwe, a centrally located area of the Netherlands. It was a protected environment, I did what I wanted and lacked for very little. I have a loving father, mother, sister, spouse and children, and I am grateful to them for consciously and unconsciously supporting me in my vision of life.
After finishing secondary school, I dropped out of my intermediate administrative vocational training. With dedication, I educated myself and slowly but steadily climbed the career ladder. I developed expertise in different fields, such as Sales & Business Development, Consultancy, Leadership, Coaching, Talent & Performance Management.
I started my own business from my attic bedroom, over the years training and coaching more than 1500 professionals from every level at companies like Sony, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Novartis, Alcon, Heineken, AkzoNobel and many others. I discovered the magic spell that allows both businesses and employees to have real meaning in this ever-changing world, helping them to make a profitable, positive impact.

Unlock how to improve the impact of talent and your business