The right conditions for better performance

Create the right conditions with the Dantefactor Compass

What is it that makes employees effective in their work? Many gurus and theories have pondered that question. Our Jos was one of them. In 2006, he jotted down three factors for work effectiveness on a scrap of paper: passion for the job, belief in yourself, and the motivation to grow.

Goodness, could it really be that simple? The simple answer is: yes. Jos took the note to a professor at Utrecht University, and by now, the theory has been scientifically validated.

The Dantefactor Compass in short

  • Easy reflection on passion, self-efficacy and motivation to grow

  • Clarity on the impact of the work environment

  • A personal action plan to steer conditions for better performance

  • HR Analytics on effectiveness and employee planning

  • The key handle to “switch on” employees to make impact

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since 04-june-2016

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