people build futures, every individual in it’s own way

“When a company’s fundamental values become directional, it’s suddenly very clear how to connect an individual to the mission and goals and how to contribute to those in the most relevant way. We help you create the right conditions to unlock all potential.”

we will help you grow

we will help you grow

The Playmakers are convinced that work can and should be done differently. More focused on what an individual needs to be the best version of their work-self.

Great leaders will listen, and together you will figure out how to shape that culture, how to facilitate that framework and determine those conditions. Our platform and programs will help you on that journey. So everybody gets to the right place to build a better future.

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Only by addressing all business vitals; people, mission and culture you initiate changes within the entire organization.

Our ‘thing‘ is to bring the right mindset and skills that raise awareness about which resources and working conditions are needed to deliver desired results. We create a culture where people have the company DNA on their radar, are intrinsically activated and take ownership for performance and personal growth. A future way of working with meaning facilitated by our platform that collects data for internal reporting and keep your awesome people right on track.

Analyse & Consultancy

Together we outline your goal and clarify what’s left unspoken. The program receives some tailoring to fit your needs. In doing so, we ensure that we retain the qualities that contribute to current successes. We only change what needs change. And then you have a pragmatic roadmap for allround growth.

Education & Mentoring

Separate trajectories will lead to separate mindsets. Ad hoc ‘intervention-injections’ are just a quick (culture) fix. Start acting on what you need, notice how it makes a difference and make it part of you. That way it sticks. Through education, mentoring & intervision we keep each other sharp, fresh, up to date and informed. 

Training & workshops

Our programs deliver a continuously integrated approach for everyone. Individuals, teams, departments or staff. Everyone that plays their part, is a part. We help you to own it. We offer tools, training & workshops to realize the desired impact in every area.

Platform & Reporting

In the end -and definitely the beginning- it’s all about people. Data helps to make needs and growth visible. It’s a conversation starter. The data we provide is about passion, self-efficacy, motivation to grow and what is needed to improve those things in the job role.

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The Playmakers have been realizing successful business transitions for over 10 years. It’s framework and services facilitating business transitions for meaningful growth in the Netherlands and beyond #creatingabusinessthatmatters

The key to our model for business transitions is the unique conjunction between the activities we initiate on the 3 business vitals; people, mission and culture. A tailored program that always contains clarifying and strengthening the business DNA as a blueprint to express the right behavior and follow the right goals. Creating symmetry between people and the company DNA and what it means for someone’s daily job.

Leadership, reflections, analysis, intervisions all lead up initiating growth through personal development. For the line managers among them its about mastering the right mindset and skills to shape the right conditions and create that really great culture.

All of this is brought together on beautiful platform yucap. It enables people, that are not (yet) with a company to take matter into own hands and start to #playforpurpose

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With our international team we work on our mission to make every business transition – for companies or your individual careerplan – a succesful one.

Jos van Snippenberg .founder & CEO
Michelle Schrijnemakers .IT & operations
Lars van Snippenberg .digital marketing
Simona Isac .business consultant

Our philosophy, programs and data gathering don’t fuel the cancel culture. We believe data can help people take matter into own hands. 

If someone is not passionate about working with a company, you will notice this. Are you interested in improving instead of excluding? Be the organization where people really make a difference. Be the organization that grows because of it.

Stop paying, start playing.
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We will respect your privacy at all times and we will never give your personal information to anyone, no matter what the offer. 

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