People build futures, every individual in its own way
Eric BoerCEO ACE Amsterdam
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"The Playmakers have helped us fabulously by exploring and defining the core of what we do."
Olivier HeyningCEO Lumicks
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"The Playmakers shaped the right conditions for a strong and intrinsic culture that enables us to scale further successfully. "
Jerry Were CEO Nyungwe Forest Lodge
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These human centric leadership skills open up the minds and feelings of my team. They are thriving in their job role.
Anne Pleun Founder Paper on the Rocks
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Thanks to the intensive mentoring I have much more control, the clarity and decisiveness I needed to grow.
we will help you grow

“When all individuals understand how to live your company’s fundamental values and mission, and they create the right conditions to work with passion, self-efficacy and motivation to grow. Their performance will improve and every individual can be their best self. We facilitate this process and make it happen.”

The Playmakers are convinced that we can and should change the way to foster growth and performance. We help you to create a culture in which people take ownership and are intrinsically motivated, increasing their effectiveness and work enjoyment.

Great leaders show courage and are receptive to shift how to shape that culture, how to facilitate that framework and determine those conditions.

Our integrated approach that addresses both programs and a platform helps to make every results-driven transformation a success. As a result, your company will make a difference and everybody will effectively contribute to a better tomorrow.

about how we make transitions happen

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Only by addressing all business vitals; people, mission and culture you initiate changes within the entire organization.

Our ‘thing‘ is to bring the right mindset and skills that raise awareness about which resources and working conditions are needed to deliver desired results. We create a culture where people have the company DNA on their radar, are intrinsically activated and take ownership for performance and personal growth. A future way of working with meaning facilitated by our platform that collects data for internal reporting and keep your awesome people right on track.

Analyse & Consultancy

Together we outline your goal and clarify what’s left unspoken. The program receives some tailoring to fit your needs. In doing so, we ensure that we retain the qualities that contribute to current successes. We only change what needs change. And then you have a pragmatic roadmap for allround growth.

Education & Mentoring

Separate trajectories will lead to separate mindsets. Ad hoc ‘intervention-injections’ are just a quick (culture) fix. Start acting on what you need, notice how it makes a difference and make it part of you. That way it sticks. Through education, mentoring & intervision we keep each other sharp, fresh, up to date and informed.

Training & workshops

Our programs deliver a continuously integrated approach for everyone. Individuals, teams, departments or staff. Everyone that plays their part, is a part. We help you to own it. We offer tools, training & workshops to realize the desired impact in every area.

Platform & Reporting

In the end -and definitely the beginning- it’s all about people. Data helps to make needs and growth visible. It’s a conversation starter. The data we provide is about passion, self-efficacy, motivation to grow and what is needed to improve those things in the job role.

Get the best out of yourself and your team.

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New insights in our e-book on how to deal with challenges in the current social-economical climate:

“10 essentials to guide employees and realize growth ambitions”

What to expect:

  • Clear insight into leadership and mindset.
  • Direction to make employees take responsibility for their results and growth.
  • How you create a pleasant working atmosphere and tools to ask the right questions.
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