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Take your business to the Next level

The Next level program is the full immersion business impact program to fulfill your company purpose and mission. A program to create company wide engagement, ownership, growth, teamwork and the right conditions for a business where people thrive.

“if you want things to change, you have to change”

Winning in the market place of tomorrow requires resilience by all the people in the company. This means standing firm in times of turbulence and high workload. Being energetic and resourceful to make the performance promises to your stakeholders come true.

This impact program creates within a timeframe of 10 days, a complete new ecosystem with the right conditions for employees and teams to take 100% control to grow, perform and matter together.


The next level delivers proven methods to make people and teams highly successful.
Playful impact strategies

guaranteed effectiveness

Committed coaching

high accountability    

Pragmatic spot on tooling

high usability & effect    

Energetic collaboration

peer to peer engagement

The regenerative way to grow, perform and matter at work, no matter what is happening you are always on track.

Why the Next level?

Most companies struggle to find the right people and face a lot of challenges to minimise negative work stress and poor well being at work. Besides this are business owners tired of expensive consultants with theoretical models that only bring chaos instead of progress.

The next level program provides:

  • a DNA blue print to create an impact driven company where people want to be part of, stay loyal and are passionate to walk the extra mile to get things done.
  • a conscious process for employees and teams how to keep the energy, confidence and the motivation to grow in their job role high.
  • the right mindset and skills to reflect regularly what is needed to contribute best in the job role.
  • engagement, strengthens collaboration and the feeling of being valued to contribute best at work.

The program fundamentals:

  • Design and strengthening of the company DNA
  • Alignment of management team and employee teams
  • Training of personal leadership mindset and skills
  • Personal development platform
  • Mentoring on the execution
“The Playmakers have created the right conditions for a strong intrinsic culture that enables us to successfully continue to grow. I would recommend any scaling company to do this.”
Olivier Heyning – CEO Lumicks BV

What do clients experience working with this new ecosystem:

  • Increased employee awareness, linking individual motivations to the company’s mission. This leads to taking responsibility for growth and also to results because the company has a loyal, effective and passionate team.

  • Healthy culture that binds and connects people in the company. This contributes to a positive image and a work culture in which people feel at home and the right talent will also flow.

  • Accelerate growth in revenue, profit, customer satisfaction and time-to-market. Which leads to effortless scaling, generating and delivering on investments.

  • Stability. Less turnover and less absenteeism – which increases confidence in the company, both internally and externally.


The bottom line benefit:

Employees of purpose-driven companies:

  • are 40% more engaged and 70% more satisfied with the work they deliver.
  • are 300% more likely to stay compared to other companies.​
  • are 6.5 times more resilience, 4 times better health, 6 times more to stay at the company and 1.5 times more going above beyond to make company successful.


Employees who work with passion are more engaged, and companies with highly engaged people are:

  • 21% more profitable,
  • have 41% lower absenteism
  • score 17% higher on productivity.


Companies with an intrinsic thriving culture have:

  • have people feel heard and belonging that makes them more productive, and accountable
    with a 4 times higher revenue growth.

Questions & Answers

This is an in-company program and will be scheduled in accordance. 

This program can take place at your office or at an external booked training accommodation.

There are scheduled 10 full days with several virtual and face to face meetings, workshops and trainings.

The program will fit if your company has 15 employees. And you are willing to commit your time, energy and want to take your business to the next level, definitely!

Strategical Alignment

Build an organization where people understand and feel to what mission they contribute, what values are important and what this means for them personally. It guides people to focus on doing the right things.

Individual Activation

Activate the authentic power of people, stimulate ownership and help to navigate on what they intrinsically need to grow, perform and matter. It improves the feeling of confidence, satisfaction and total results in the job role.

Culture & Conditions

Shape the right conditions (mindset, skills and process) and act on what matters most. It increases effectiveness, openness, clarity and mutual trust, so that people deliver the highest value to each other and clients.

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