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Get Ready 2 play 

The get Ready2Play program is meant for ambitious CEO’s, directors and business owners who want to make result driven change in their business happen for the better. 

In this in-person one day, highly interactive program you create the foundation for a workplace in which people take ownership, are intrinsically motivated, deliver excellence to customers and increasing their effectiveness and work enjoyment on daily basis.

 What is the program all about:

  • We take you through the playmaker model, the key success factors and implications for all your stakeholders.
  • We clarify together your business challenge, bring this into the playmaker philosophy and design your own success pathway.
  • We challenge you in the development of a DNA-Impact canvas, the blueprint to stay true to your purpose, values and principles while you are growing to your next level.
  • You create fully understanding how to guide yourself in a process of result driven change.


Program content:

  • Developing consciousness about the intrinsic intentions to drive change within your organization.
  • Reflection on the key drivers of performance; passion, self-efficacy and motivation to grow. 
    • The scientific proven predictors of work effectiveness, satisfaction and engagement in work. 
  • Conducting the value dialogue for conscious guidance how to stay on track in giving your best self at work. 
  • Making the personal DNA explicit, contouring and strengthen the organizational DNA and transfer these how to successfully apply it as a role model.
  • Creating a personal development plan how to take ownership for growth, performance and to matter in the leadership role.


Program results:

  • Insight and awareness of intrinsic drivers as the foundation for strengthening the organizational DNA.
    • It improves your leadership effectiveness and the accuracy of the meaning of principles and values. 
  • The get Ready 2 play program will make your unarticulated feelings and thoughts about vision, purpose and values explicit and more tangible.
  • It strengthen the courage to be more vulnerable, empathic and to make personal connection with all stakeholders.
  • The developed DNA Impact Canvas creates better understanding for all organization stakeholders how to relate on and how to apply the right behaviour in daily practise.
    • The DNA – Impact canvas is an effective guidance to attract and retain the right employees.
  • It improves the effectiveness of your leadership to role model the desired cultural behaviours on a daily basis.


Program tools:

The program is delivered by one of our experienced business trainers. We make use of the DNA – Impact Canvas, the Dantefactor Compass, The Playbook, the online platform yucap and design thinking formats. 

Ready to shift the status quo, start to work on your business now!

Strategical Alignment

Build an organization where people understand and feel to what mission they contribute, what values are important and what this means for them personally. It guides people to focus on doing the right things.

Individual Activation

Activate the authentic power of people, stimulate ownership and help to navigate on what they intrinsically need to grow, perform and matter. It improves the feeling of confidence, satisfaction and total results in the job role.

Culture & Conditions

Shape the right conditions (mindset, skills and process) and act on what matters most. It increases effectiveness, openness, clarity and mutual trust, so that people deliver the highest value to each other and clients.

Some soundbites of participants

Thank you very much for this highly inspiring day.

Bauke Lumicks BV

Relaxed session and at the same time, spot on. You were able to make complexity very logic and understandable.

Linata Next level Verzuim

Very useful, the type of questions really made me think. This we should do with the whole MT.

Jaco Bluekens

    Questions & Answers

    The uniqueness of this program is that it is in-person and scheduled at the best fitted timings in your agenda. 

    This is an in-person program that can take place at your office or at an external booked training accommodation. For the training program the standards for the room minimum of 25m2 and having a flip-chart.

    There are scheduled 2 hours of preparation time, one full day from 9AM till 5PM training day and one 15 minute virtual follow up call.

    If you are willing to commit your time and energy and want to take your business to the next level, definitely!

    Got a co-founder or owner you want to invite? Bring them in the program.

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