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The playmaker model

The Playmaker framework creates the conditions for building a future-proof organization. It captures an approach to drive meaningful growth by aligning DNA, people and culture. It initiates changes throughout the entire organization, and not just part of it. 

A new sustainable integrated playing field to enhance performance and boost organizational health. 


  • Explicit values & guiding principles with a clear definition of the impact to be made.
  • People intrinsically connected to the company DNA, and are conscious working with passion, self-efficacy and motivation to grow.
  • An evolving culture with the right mind-, and skill set and the right conditions and behaviors in action.


Our model and tools raise awareness about which resources and working conditions are needed to facilitate a good work environment that stimulates growth and ownership, engagement and collects data for reporting and refinement. To make it work we offer highly effective mentoring, training and consultancy.

playmaker model

Strategical Alignment

Build an organization where people understand and feel to what mission they contribute, what values are important and what this means for them personally. It guides people to focus on doing the right things.

Individual Activation

Activate the authentic power of people, stimulate ownership and help to navigate on what they intrinsically need to grow, perform and matter. It improves the feeling of confidence, satisfaction and total results in the job role.

Culture & Conditions

Shape the right conditions (mindset, skills and process) and act on what matters most. It increases effectiveness, openness, clarity and mutual trust, so that people deliver the highest value to each other and clients.

.our approach

We can facilitate the transition the company needs. No matter if it’s a start up, scale up, corporate or somewhere in between.

The route we take (what comes first, whats next) and the methods we use to address the need depend on the organization and their wishes.

The only thing we share upfront: if you aren’t ambitious enough…perhaps your time is not now.



.success vs relevance


When you want to become more relevant as a business. Have more positive impact on clients, employees and the world as a whole.


When you want to scale your business and want to cultivate that energetic vibe within your team. 


When you want to improve your performance within the market, and want to keep all your employees on board at the same time. 

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Europalaan 400
3526 KS Utrecht

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