The privacy policy concerns the way in which personal data is handled by The Playmakers. The processing of personal data includes, among other things, the collection, storage, recording, modification, bringing together, retrieval, consultation or destruction of personal data.

Privacy Policy The Playmakers

– A. Introduction

The Playmakers collects personal data from clients, cooperation partners, program participants, suppliers and visitors to the website.

General Data Protection Regulation


As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), also known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), will come into effect. This means that from that date the same privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union. The Protection Act (Wbp) will then no longer apply.

AVG and protection of personal data

Since its inception, The Playmakers has been careful with the processing of personal data. personal data. Thus, n.a.w. data and any telephone numbers of customers, contacts and partners are kept.

In some cases, The Playmakers is responsible for the processing of data. When data is left via the website or via email, the data is automatically saved in the folder of the Inbox. This makes it possible to respond to requests or to stay in touch.

In our privacy policy we indicate which personal data we process and for what purpose we do this. When we process data for clients or relations, we will conclude a separate processing agreement as part of our contract agreements.

Types of personal data Depending on the services that are purchased, The Playmakers can process the following personal data

< p>Name


Phone number

Email address

Company information

– B. The Playmakers & Dantefactor website and cookie policy

A cookie

We use very limited cookies on the website. The cookies can be disabled via the browser. By using the website, you as a user also agree to our cookie policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that sent to a computer, iPad, or mobile phone when you visit a website. A cookie makes it easier to use the website.

What are cookies used for?

The Playmakers can use cookies to register visitor data. For example, to determine how many visitors the website gets, which pages are visited well and where a visitor comes from. The cookies also make it possible to use Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Maps and You Tube even more effectively. Blogs, articles and pages of the website can then be shared via social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. These channels may use cookies. If you encounter unforeseen cookies on our website, please contact this third party directly.

Unsubscribe from a cookie?

Unsubscribe from cookies is always possible . You can unsubscribe via the browser you have installed. Need help signing out? Look at the settings of the browser, under “Help” in the toolbar and adjust the setting. In the unlikely event that you still find cookies after unsubscribing, please contact us.

– C. Personal data – its purpose, basis and way of use

Preparations to provide our services

The Playmakers processes personal data to be able to provide our services. The data is provided voluntarily, after requesting information, making an offer, executing a contract or agreement, to be able to keep in touch to perform our services and service satisfactorily, and to be able to send invoices. .

Maintaining the relationship and providing information

Building a long-term relationship is of paramount importance to The Playmakers. That is why we like to keep our customers and relations informed about market trends, developments, innovations and product, service and system updates. This information will be provided when we have obtained permission for this or when we have been in contact with each other before. This can be through a personal meeting, telephone, network meeting or jointly participating in a community or business club. If these contacts are not appreciated, you have the right to indicate that you no longer want this.

Visit via the website and data processing

When our website is visited, we like to offer our visitors tailor-made information. This increases the friendliness of communication and you receive information that is really relevant. Information (such as name and email address) is only used for internal analyzes and will not be shared with third parties. It is possible at any time to indicate that you no longer wish to receive information.

Data for research

The Playmakers offers its clients, relations and individual participants the option of completing the Dantefactor Compass (processing agreement/license agreement). The results can be used to perform statistical analyses. These analyzes are always made separately from the personalized data.

Certification & license

The Dantefactor Compass is a simple reflection on the work situation to create the right conditions for the individual, team and the company. The Dantefactor certifies selected employees to interpret the results of the compass within the context of work within the company. The certification is carried out by Dantefactor as well as by third party The Playmakers. (

The certification is aimed at facilitating a judgment-free dialogue and provides for the development of knowledge and skills for this. Dantefactor uses an external software environment that meets the security standards of the industry.

Certified persons of the client, software developer (studio September), server hosting provider (Bizway) can provide names and email addresses face. A processing agreement has been concluded with all these parties to ensure that personal data can be handled with care. When a project is closed, every connection between email address, name and data will be disconnected and stored in aggregated form on the server. If participants want the data to be permanently deleted, there is the possibility to indicate this in writing.

Data processing and cooperation with third parties

The Playmakers can, as mentioned above, engage third parties to perform part of the service. In this, third parties gain access to those data that make it possible to perform the service according to technical and legal standards.

Personal data will never be sold to third parties!

– D Storage period personal data

If there is no longer any relevance to the storage of personal data, these will be removed or destroyed from The Playmakers. The Playmakers adheres to the guidelines prescribed by the Dutch Data Protection Authority for the use of retention periods.

  • Fiscal retention obligation; 5 years
  • Application data; 4 weeks after application
  • Participant data in certification training; 5 years
  • Aggregated participant data Dantefactor Kompas; unlimited
  • Pool of certified Dantefactor Kompas; until termination

– E. Rights of data subjects

In addition to the terms and conditions of the Dantefactor Kompas user agreement, the following applies:

When If a company is requested to participate in completing the Dantefactor Compass, then The Playmakers is the Processor, and the company is the Controller. Dantefactor has taken care of facilitating the sending of the Dantefactor Compass through contractual permission from the company. The Company’s applicable privacy rights are in effect at that time. Therefore, in such a situation, rights can be recovered from the company for which you work.

If there are individual agreements, and persons have given direct permission, Dantefactor is the Controller. In this situation, participants can contact Dantefactor directly. In these cases, the right of the person concerned applies:

  • Being able to view the personal data. Anyone whose personal data we process has the right to inquire with Dantefactor which data we process, how we do this and for what purposes. A copy of this information can be requested in writing;
  • Correcting or supplementing personal data. Anyone whose personal data we process has the right to request Dantefactor to change or supplement data. This request can be granted in writing;
  • Deletion of personal data (right to be forgotten). Anyone whose personal data we process has the right to request Dantefactor to delete personal data. When this data is no longer needed for the original purpose; the consent to processing is withdrawn due to infringement of this purpose; an objection is raisedmakes on legal grounds. This request can be granted in writing;
  • Restricting the processing of personal data. Anyone whose personal data we process has the right to request Dantefactor to limit the processing. When processing the personal data incorrectly; unlawful processing; in case of objection to processing; when data processing is no longer necessary. In these cases there is the right to request Dantefactor in writing which limitation should be enforced;
  • The right of data portability. Anyone whose personal data we process has the right to request Dantefactor to receive the personal data in a standard format. This is provided by means of a copy of the data. This request can be granted in writing.

Further information, requests, complaints and/or supervision

Should any questions arise, then you can contact The Playmakers in writing.

The Playmakers, for the attention of Mr Djg van Snippenberg Europalaan 400, 3526KS, Utrecht. Telephone: +31 (0) 6 52 418565 Email: info@

An answer will be provided in writing within 4 weeks.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority

You have the right to submit a complaint directly to the Dutch supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). This right exists when you believe that personal rights have been violated. (

Privacy Policy The Playmakers

The Playmakers emphasizes with all its data processing that it acts in the interest of the agreed purpose. The Playmakers will never sell personal data to third parties without written permission. Dantefactor reserves the right to change the privacy policy. This privacy policy has been tightened up on the basis of the entry into force of the new AVG Act.

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