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The PlayZone

A pragmatic, integral approach for entrepreneurs who want to engage in responsible entrepreneurship and grow with impact. In this 90-day program, we work with you to create a new playing field to serve as a basis for healthy entrepreneurship. Creating the right conditions leaves you with a working culture in which everyone can develop their full potential and make an impact.

This approach allows every employee to understand and connect with the higher goal to which they are contributing. They dare to show themselves, show initiative, and take ownership of their growth and performance. Employees learn how to live the company’s values and how to apply and integrate them into their daily work. Using peer coaching, we will work together from within the company to create the right conditions. As a result, you will see the development of a mindset and skills that encourage employees to use each other’s full potential. The leadership in a PlayZone coaches and facilitates employees based on sincere engagement, increasing mutual trust, quality of communication, and the eventual outcomes.

Did you know that…? The PlayZone outperforms traditional methods with regard to mindset, management and leadership – producing results that may be up to 10 x more powerful. That is because a PlayZone doesn’t waste any talent, energy or money!

Start making a real impact with your business in under 90 days

A new reality is dawning, one that focuses on the quality of personal connections, as well as the essence of the business and its daily work. In this new age, businesses will have to be truly relevant to their employees, consumers, clients, society, and the world in general.

Play to Win – we teach you how to develop excellence in the essential PlayZone areas.

De ondernemingsdroom

Voor ons is wat en wie je bent het beginpunt van de onderneming. Ehh…wie ik ben? Jij wilde gewoon ondernemen, de status quo veranderen en een bedrijf bouwen, zeg je?

Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat droom van de onderneming het fundament vormt voor een duurzame verbinding met medewerkers. Daarom gaan wij op zoek naar de diepere reden wat je als founder, CEO of directeur met het bedrijf wilt realiseren.

Met een creatieve en psychologische benadering gaan wij op zoek naar de kern van wat voor jou echt belangrijk is. We leggen jouw passie, overtuiging en groeimotivatie onder de loep. Wij maken de essentie van het bedrijf hiermee helder en vertalen dit naar de impact die je vervolgens met het bedrijf wilt maken. 

Het resultaat is een droom-impact canvas, dat handvatten biedt om als founder, CEO, management team en medewerkers congruent te handelen, in het trouw blijven aan je purpose, DNA en te maken impact.


Make the essence behind impact clear

The essence is our starting point for a company. Erm… ? You say you just wanted to be an entrepreneur and make money?

We’re convinced that every human being has a deeper reason for doing. Even if you simply started your work life to make money, we believe that there is a driving force behind all that. Maybe you are looking for independence, pride or meaning.

Using a creative, psychological approach, we set out to find what’s really important to you as the director of the company. We take a close look at your passion, conviction and motivation to grow.

This results in a single page of text that can be used by truly everyone in the company to make decisions based on the right touchstones.

Connect the teams

Our next step is to take the purpose we formulated during the purpose & impact session and bring it to the people. Using creative sessions, we help all employees take ownership of the purpose. We go beyond employees’ defined roles and let them look at the bigger picture.

What does what and who we are mean to the department head? And to the office manager? And what contribution do they wish to make? We pay attention to personal passions and convictions, and explore people’s desire to grow.

By the end of these sessions, all employees understand what they are working on, and they will all feel motivated to contribute to the higher goal. In addition, we start on taking the third step.

Playmaker training

In order to make sure that everything we built together does not come crumbling down as soon as we leave the building, we train Playmakers. This is a role that can be conducted by employees out of the team, leadership or by hr.

Playmakers are real “impact officers” and facilitate a value dialogue among colleagues that does not judge, but invites employees to discuss the things that are important to them. This way, the work floor becomes a performance driven Playzone in which work is pleasant and meaningful.

The Playmakers are well prepared and equipped with all the right skills and tools. We mentor them with refresher days and contact moments so that they will remain motivated and on their toes.

Build a Playzone?

and start to make a difference!