We make the company’s purpose explicit and transfer this towards employees and their work, so that everyone understands how to effectively contribute based on their own abilities.

The current way how we stimulate employee performance and growth is based on 100 years old developed methods. They all lead to high demotivation, absenteeism and not using employees full potential. We create new conditions whereby people perform in a way that meets their needs. And that fits with the purpose and ambitions of the company.

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For whom?

You’re a business leader of a company and feeling that it requires more to give effectively direction to employee success and growth. You are aware that being attractive to new and existing employees, customers and society requires a different way how to organise and mobilise people’s capability. You are looking for concrete handles to shape a workplace environment where people feel valued, are helping each other to live up to their full potential and deliver exceptional performance.

With our integral approach we:

  • we help you to create a working culture that allows all employees to contribute to the company’s ambitions based on their personal qualities.
  • We safeguard the company purpose and the way to achieve it by committing it to a single page that will guide all future decisions
  • We train the right skill set to keep employees intrinsically motivated in delivering performance
  • We make use of an important condition for playing: you have a bit of nerve.

Higher motivation and performance by navigating on eight essential work context factors:


Degree of

Diversity in work activities

Knowledge &



Financial rewarding


The results

We don’t believe in a quick fix: we enter long-term collaborations.

Our mission will not be achieved until we have made ourselves redundant. That is to say, when every employee – from team leader to IT professional – has a clear idea of the goals he or she is working on, and is given the necessary space to work on these goals in a pleasant, meaningful way. Once we reach that goal, we start referring to the work floor as the Playzone.

The results

The Playzone: a place where people are embracing targets and goals, are intrinsically driven to make impact because they live the purpose and are facilitated to reach their full potential.

And chances are you’ll reach every target – and more. The trained Playmakers are the “guardians” of the Playzone. They continually check to see if employees are still finding enjoyment and meaning in their work, using an alternative review system that invites a dialogue about the employees’ personal development. The results: 10 x better results due to loyal customers, consumers, employees and fewer waste of human potential.