Why to keep your business dream alive

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24 maart 2016
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31 maart 2016
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Why to keep your business dream alive

The dream of the founder is the soul and the driving force for business growth.

What is that “soul” actually and Why is it so important?

Every entrepreneur starts a company because he or she has a driving force to change a current state. This could be the introduction of a “better” product or a “better” service. Some of these new ideas do really outperform the current state and we call them quick disruptive.

Before you start the company you already know exactly how and where this new idea fits best in practice. Although you do not have every single detail in the product you have the end in mind. You know how people have to use it, will benefit from it because you look far beyond the current state.

The challenge a lot of entrepreneurs do have is to get people involved to work with them with the same energy to take the next step.

Having a brilliant idea is one, but how to bring it forward smoothly. Most of the time you will get very soon people around you when you have a life changing product or service idea. People who see opportunities how to make money. Enthusiastically you are working on development, engaging people and selling the product. You experience the first successes and have strong faith in coming nearer reaching your dream.

From idea generator you are now fully in a running business. 24/7 keeping an eye on all areas the company have to face with. Doing the admin, looking over proposals, checking the outgoing deliveries and fully in charge when clients ask difficult questions. It feels that you have to do everything….

But WHY? Because you are the founder?

No, it is just because you know best how the product or service is meant to be. You know exactly why you’ve developed the product, and more important only you know what deeply inside you is the reason why you want to succeed with this new concept. To be honest there is nobody in the company with a bigger intrinsic involvement then you have as the founder.

What will happen if you share your intrinsic driver, your deeper passion with a bigger audience? What if you are able to translate your intrinsic driving force, your inner spark, your dream, to an inspiring daily lived organization ambition?

Being open and having the guts to do creates MAGIC.

It will be the foundation of a work environment where people are highly engaged, are able to make better decisions on their own, are dedicated and highly performance focussed in the operation and really do think more out of your point of view?

If you want to stand out in business, share and translate your dream to the organization ambition. And keep that dream alive!

I found this article in HBR which emphasizes the benefits of how founder led companies outperform the rest by doing so.https://hbr.org/2016/03/founder-led-companies-outperform-the-rest-heres-why


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